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I'm in the process of breaking down the two collections I released last fall.

I think I can make the pieces better, you see. More ... me.

Thing is, in order to make them better, I have to cut the original pieces up. Pieces that gave me joy as I made them. Pieces that still give me joy as I look at them. It's risky, you know: giving up a thing that already is for an idea you can't shake - an idea that may or may not turn out the way you're picturing.

Still, I have to try.

So last night, I started cutting.

Today, I've been pasting.

New pieces are emerging - more or less as I've been imagining them.

(I'll be sharing more about these pieces soon. Follow me on Facebook if you want to see and hear more about them before they hit the Shop.)

Anyway, as I've been putting these pieces together in new ways, I've been thinking about how very like life this process is - the cutting down and the rearranging and the rebuilding. How deeply resilient we must be - how courageous - to keep going and growing even when it means uncertainty and drastic change, and how optimistic to believe it's going to lead us somewhere better.

What else can we do?

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