Mixed Feelings about Spring

I have mixed feelings about spring.

On one hand, it’s the season where much of nature comes alive again, often after a cold, dreary winter. It’s the season of planting - a season that holds promise and hopeful expectation.

On the other hand, there are no guarantees. Not everything comes back, and not everything planted grows and yields fruit.

I came into this year with a plan to plant. (Not literally, you understand, but figuratively). For the most part, I’ve stuck to that plan. But as I look back over the work I’ve put in (and continue to put in), I’m not seeing anything. No growth, and certainly no fruit.

Surely I should be seeing something by now, with everything I’ve put into it.

I remind myself it’s early days - still springtime - and these things I’ve put in … need time.

Still, I can’t help but wonder: what if I do everything I can do for them, and they still fail?

Anyway, here's a springtime offering of notecards.

Whatever I feel about the season itself, I do love seeing the colors as everything wakes up and brightens. Maybe you can get some and send them to people with reminders of hope and promises and not giving up.

Purchase here.

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