• Lydia Thomas

Flat: to Resist or Embrace

One theory of the abstract expressionist movement is that it was born from embracing the flatness of the canvas. Its leading artists rebelling against capturing the depth of the world around them on media that had no inherent dimension, or so the theory goes.

As I'm sure is evident from my work, I take the opposite approach.

The layering and depth of mountains, for example, have inspired a years-long search to bring them to flat media - with the right words, the right angle of the camera lens, the right shading,... Currently, I"m a little obsessed with the way clouds build and pour over the mountains, and I can already tell capturing them is going to be every bit as consuming as the mountains themselves.

I've only just now started honing in on how I imagined it through cutting, layering, and building out my work. I literally take flat media and give it dimension.

Normally, I'm the type of person who leans in to whatever life throws at her, but embracing flatness? That I cannot do.

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