Celebrating 2020

Things to celebrate from my year:

  1. Finishing this year stronger - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and materially - than I started it.

  2. Beginning a creative streak - drawing, painting, collaging - in March, largely due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions, that has gained momentum throughout the year.

  3. Making and sending or handing out dozens upon dozens of note cards.

  4. Creating and releasing printable coloring sheets.

  5. Trying new things artistically. Playing with watercolor, oil, and pop-up art are some of the highlights.

  6. Leading a craft event live on social media.

  7. Walking through a lot of repentance - releasing old, dead, unproductive ways and receiving new, living, fruitful ways instead. Much of this has come in the form of processing and wrestling through and cutting off things I'd been through that continued to negatively impact my life and agreeing with what God says about me instead. (It's ongoing.)

  8. Putting my work "out there" on social media, primarily on Instagram and LinkedIn, though I have a presence on MeWe now, too. While I've maintained a significant social media presence surrounding my literary pursuits in the past, sharing my other creative endeavors is new to me.

  9. Selling a painting for the first time.

  10. Completing three commissions.

  11. Starting a podcast.

  12. Giving myself time, space, and grace to rest when I've needed it.

  13. Creating and releasing two colorful collections: IN ALL THINGS and MAGNIFICAT. (Also, selling two pieces from the MAGNIFICAT collection was pretty cool.)

  14. Investing in the business side of my art with a new website, more intentional sharing on social media, keeping track of my time, and planning for 2021.

  15. Taking personal inventory.

  16. Setting goals 9/12 months, and achieving said goals 7/9 months.

  17. Battling and overcoming two major bouts of depression.

  18. Visiting the Big Bend of Texas.

It has not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination, but for me at least, it is one worth celebrating.

"[Many] Christians are talking about how this is a season of divinely-appointed rest, a time of stripping down to the essentials. I have personally just walked through such a season over the past two years (if not the entire time I was in Oklahoma), so I've been feeling out of step with the Church on this one.

"My life was shattered and scattered six months ago, and now I have all of these meaningless shards that don't seem to fit together, and don't seem to fit the world around me. (The people around me?)

"Anyway, M has a friend who has worked in drug trials, and she was telling me that sometimes companies will go through clinical trials on a drug they're developing for a specific issue, but then it doesn't end up resolving the issue. It gets shelved, until - if or when - some other issue presents itself to which the drug may be suited.

"Something of a glimmer of hope: maybe these shards of my life - which, heretofore, have not fit anything, maybe they are suited to this time." (April 2020)

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