Most inspired driving in my car on random back roads, I am a lifelong adventurer and discoverer. The impulse to see those things one doesn't see everyday is the same one that drives me to create colorful, one-of-a-kind, and whimsical pieces that my collectors won't find anywhere else. I can be frequently found collecting and taking pictures of treasures that catch my eye and capture my imagination. 

Discovery is my favorite part of the creative process as well. I play with a variety of media and methods, and it's often as I try a fresh way of applying color that something completely unexpected - yet at the same time wholly welcome - emerges. 

One of the negative side effects of the digital age is that we don't have as much occasion to discover. Artificial intelligence communicates with algorithms, and it would seem we find what we're looking for without really having to find it. And so, as I seek fresh  inspiration,  creative methods, and even connection with you, I hope to push back on artificial discovery, and facilitate authentic discovery instead.

Here's to happy adventuring and discovering!

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